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Are you looking for B-Complex ingredients to add to your formulations?  Then look no further as ingredientsonline.com has you covered.  Finding a great selection of B-Complex ingredients is as easy as a few clicks of the mouse.  As a B2B e-commerce platform with factory-direct prices, ingredientsonilne.com offer over 750 high quality nutritional ingredients including Vitamin B2 RiboflavinPyridoxal 5Phosphate or Methylcobalamin.   B-Complex vitamins help convert food into glucose, which provides energy that each and every body needs.   They also supports healthy liver function and support a healthy nervous system. There are so many benefits of B-Complex ingredients, consider adding these to your formulations today.

All ingredients are available at factory-direct prices saving you both time and money.  It’s easy to source from our EZ-sort catalog by application, alpha, factory and more. One of our best features when ordering from ingredientsonline.com is our same day shipping. We carry U.S. inventory in our three regional warehouses and even offer free shipping – restrictions apply so check here for further details.  http://www.ingredientsonline.com/benefits-of-shopping-with-us/free-shipping-program.html

At ingredientsonline.com, we have a five step QC process and all ingredients undergo quality control inspections regularly. See our list of B-Complex ingredients; Save time and save money, shop now! 


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