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Did You Know? The importance of cognitive health for consumers is more than any other health issue, according to a recent study by the Natural Marketing Institute, 55% of adults were concerned to be likely to experience a major decline in brain fitness as they age.

Use this powerful information to formulate your next cognitive function formulation to promote healthy aging, healthy memory, healthy attention and healthy focus.  Finding the best quality cognitive function raw materials for your formulations might be difficult.  But with, we’ve made it as easy as point & click.  You can search for hundreds of ingredients in our EZ-sort catalog alphabetically, by application, by category or by approved global factories. is your online marketplace with factory-direct savings, 24/7.  With complete transparency on factory of origin, downloadable QC documents, real-time U.S. inventory and tiered factory-direct prices, saves you time and money with peace of mind. Registration is free so Create an Account now and let this platform work for you.

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With our wide array of natural raw ingredients available on our wholesale website, you can’t go wrong with We all feel a little down sometimes, but with our carefully selected raw ingredients available for cognitive health such as Acetyl L-Carnitine, DHEA or Inositol NF/FCC, your product’s users can get the “pick me up” they need, and fast with our same day free shipping! Shop confidently for cognitive health ingredients with 5-Star Customer Service, factory-direct prices and reward points today at!

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